Copy jobs - what actual data is transferred?

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Copy jobs - what actual data is transferred?

Veeam Logoby andyg » Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:04 pm

I am trying to work out what data is transferred for a "backup copy job".

With the Enterprise License (not PLUS), there is NO WAN acceleration.

when a new restore point appears on the source backup repository, Veeam Backup & Replication copies incremental changes from this most recent restore point and transfers them to the target backup repository. Veeam Backup & Replication writes the copied data blocks to the incremental backup file on the target backup repository.

The quote from the docs above seems to say it simple copies the latest restore point. That latest restore point is already compressed and deduped on the source, so does it just copy it over block for block to the target? While the data is Inflight is there any compression or dedup happening on the data? I would assume not as it's already compressed and deduped on the source, so its just copying blocks over.

For example, if a backup job runs and creates a 1GB incremental file (that is compressed and deduped), does the copy job then copy the full 1G over and write the 1G of data to disk. No changes needed on target as its already compressed and deduped.

What role do the "advanced" settings play in copy jobs, namely the settings "inline deup" and "compress".
1) If I leave "inline deup" ticked and leave "compress" to "auto", will it actually be doing neither of those as the data is already compressed and deduped on the source. So it just copies all the blocks over. Would then only come into play if the source wasn't deduped and I wanted the copy job to have dedup?

2) Is the "compress" only needed if I want additional compression on the target storage? If I leave it on "auto" it won't do anything as the data was already compressed on the source, so its just copies the blocks over and stores them on the target.
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Re: Copy jobs - what actual data is transferred?

Veeam Logoby Shestakov » Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:07 pm

Hello Andy,
Actually the backup copy job copies not the last increment, but the blocks changed between the last backup copy restore point and the last backup restore point. So the data size can differ.
As for compression/deduplication, compression level Auto means that backup copy job uses compression settings of the copied backup files. You may want to change or disable the compression if you have dedupe appliance as the secondary repository.
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