Copy of Copy Job with different source ?

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Copy of Copy Job with different source ?

Veeam Logoby MichaelOZ » Tue Jun 06, 2017 11:52 pm

I have this logged as Case # 02175363 and been told what we are doing isn't supported yet it can be done and does work.

Let me scope it out

"ESXHOST001" running virtual "SERVERFPS001"

We have a backup job of "SERVERFPS001" going to "SITE-A Repository"
We have a copy job of "SERVERFPS001" going from "SITE-A Repository" to "DataCenter Repository"
We have a copy job of "SERVERFPS001" going from "DataCenter Repository" (using the Source option and specifying "DataCenter Repository") to "Tape Repository"

This works for several sites and several Backups with out issue. recently it was discovered that someone throttled the bandwidth from 100mbs to 10mbs between "DataCenter Repository" and "Tape Repository", which broke most of the copy jobs.

The copy jobs that were not affected by this throttle rule were not impacted and have continued to work but the ones that were impacted I'm having all sorts of issues getting back up and running, hence the support request.

Support have come back and said this isn't supported and they are putting a feature request in to disable this from being able to be configured.

Is anyone else doing this ? if not, how are you doing this sort of setup with out running multiple copy jobs of the same data from the remote site ?

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Re: Copy of Copy Job with different source ?

Veeam Logoby evander » Wed Jun 07, 2017 7:04 am

Why not just run a second backup job to the tape library instead of a copy of a copy. Depending on the amount of data and the backup window available to you, why not..
You can even run a copy from the second backup too if you wanted.
Each backup keeps its own CBT changes and doesn't affect the other.
Additional added benefits are that if you have any corruption in your primary backup it isn't copied on and you can also choose to do a different backup method on the second backup like Incremental or Reverse incremental etc.
Even additional benefits are that your overall backup success is not dependant on the primary backup job success. The copy job can only copy if that job was successful. Assume that primary SITE-A Repository was down or ran out of disk space then all your backups would be affected until resolved. If however you had a second job running directly to another repository then it would still run and you would have current backups.
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Re: Copy of Copy Job with different source ?

Veeam Logoby foggy » Thu Jun 08, 2017 4:08 pm

Besides, the initial setup should work and is supported. You can use backups produced by the backup copy job as a source for another backup copy job. Though you cannot select the job specifically, you can specify the repository used as a target for the "parent" backup job.
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