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Copying Veeam backup files to another location

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I am testing out a scenario where my Physical Veeam server (W2k8R2) running v5 is connected to my iSCSI fabric, which 3 ESX hosts are also connected to. The Veeam server has Read Only access to an iSCSI LUN (VMFS) which holds a Test VM. The Veeam server also has a separate iSCSI LUN (NTFS) presented to it which is the destination of the Veeam backups. So, I have a LAN free backup solution.

I have the backup job configured with 7 restore points using reverse incrementals. I would like to copy all the Veeam backup files to an offsite NAS device every day. I setup a File Copy job in Veeam to copy the local folder on the Veeam server to a CIFS share on the NAS device. It works well, except for, every day it runs, it creates multiple .vbk files on the NAS device due to the .vbk files getting renamed each time a .vrb file is created.

Any workaround to this?
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Re: Copying Veeam backup files to another location

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Please refer to the adjacent topic:
V5 VBK file names

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