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Correct HP D2D parameters as backup repository

Post by jmc »


we want to use an HP D2D Engine with debub and compession functionality. gostev gave me the hint to deactivate compression but not the inline debub.

might be you have some additional hints to use hp debub engines very well.

i thing about the parameters:

- under backup infrastructure - backup repository - server definition - repository - advanced - dedublicating storage compatibility:
should align and decompress marked?

- what kind of storage optimization should be used? local, lan or wan target?

- is it ok to take reversed incremental?

- should be enable integrity checks?

* some more ....?

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Re: Correct HP D2D parameters as backup repository

Post by Gostev »

Hi, HP has a Veeam integration guide which covers all these aspects, have you had a chance to review it? This is their own recommendations for achieving best results from their perspective (which is the best dedupe ratio on their device).

Also, I would like to correct you - I did not recommend that you disable compression, I only explained how having it enabled will affect dedupe performance.

Overall, the recommended set of settings will depend a lot on your requirements, and what are you looking to get. There is no "universal" set of settings that is good for everyone. For example, every dedupe storage vendor will tell you to disable compression (so that their storage can show good dedupe numbers). However, backup vendors like us may instead recommend keeping compression on (because this will increase backup performance, and so reduce backup window in 3-5 times).

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