Corrupted Files on Win2016 Deduplication

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Re: Corrupted Files on Win2016 Deduplication

Veeam Logoby jrippon » Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:34 pm

anglerzac wrote:I can't get the validator tool to work, If I point it at a CopyJob which I know has 50 machines in it for example it only checks 6 machines and says they are fine.
If I point it at a file it says failed to process storage, failed to access storage file, I have the drive mapped from veeam server and can see/copy the files fine.
I'll try the scrubbing task/command and wait to see how my Veeam support call progresses.

I am also trying to check backup files over the network with the validator tool and get the same error. It doesn't matter if I try a drive mapping or UNC path. Running as Administrator with full access to both servers.

I found some more details in a log file: C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Backup\Utils\Util.VmBackupValidate
Failed to open file [**********] in readonly mode. (Veeam.Backup.Common.CCppComponentException)
<01> Error in c++: Error code: 0x00000005
<01> Error in c++: Failed to retrieve key sets from encrypted storage.

The backups are not encrypted with Veeam. Bitlocker is on but that should be transparent.

I opened a ticket # 02094563. Hopefully Veeam can figure it out.
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Re: Corrupted Files on Win2016 Deduplication

Veeam Logoby JonSD » Tue Mar 28, 2017 12:25 pm

I assume at this point everyone running Server 2016 and dedupe has installed KB3216755, or subsequent roll-ups (KB4013429, KB4015438).

What's everyone's feedback >1 month after patching?
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Re: Corrupted Files on Win2016 Deduplication

Veeam Logoby DonZoomik » Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:04 pm

No corruption issues since then.

There are some other anomalies that may or may not affect Veeam:
* Very-very-very slow optimize job start and stop (like 8 hours to start and 2-3 hours to stop) - investigating with MS.
* Occasional message during backup that all metadata copies are corrupt (per random VM, with per-VM chains) - goes away after a few hours, no detectable corruption. May be related to running optimize job but not enough data to correlate.
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Re: Corrupted Files on Win2016 Deduplication

Veeam Logoby RGijsen » Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:42 am

We also still have issues with metadata corruption on our NTFS 64k /l formatted repository. We have no backup files > 2TB (although near, the biggest is 1.8TB). Since installing KB4010672 (which should include KB3216755) we've still had metadata corruption issues - but only on one specific job. I always trigger an active full to 'fix' that. We've installed all updates up to the recent 22th March KB4016635, and still had those issues. I logged a ticket yesterday, #02112363. We do run McAfee on the host though as per policy, which we were requested to uninstall to exclude that. After uninstalling WMI was completely broken, so I am currently reinstalling our Veeam host itself. As DoomZoomik we also face:

- sometimes very slow optimize jobs, which indeed takes an hour or so to stop. I know garbagecollection does a -full every 4 time I believe, maybe optimization does a full every so many times as well.
- All instances of metadata are corrupt several times a week, consolidating to one job only so far (ticket #02112363).

We are currently working with support, the first step are to rule out a few things. So we will run without McAfee and without dedup enabled for a week and see how that goes. Will let you know.
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