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CPU and memory best config

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What is the best config for veeam. At the moment we are backingup 10 VM's everyday and our exchange 2007 server every hour during working hours. What i see that when the backup job starts the whole 4gb of memory is consumed and the CPU load is around 80 -90%. Will i improve my backup and restore speed if we add more vCPU to the VM and adding 8GB of memory instead of 4GB of memory?

Is there also a way to measure that the destination disk are slowing down the backup. Currently we are backing up to raid 5 of 8 sata disks. With transfer speed of 40MB/s of the first of the day and the next around 100MB/s reverse incremantal.
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Re: CPU and memory best config

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Adding memory will not affect the backup speed, CPU is more important here but unless you have more than 90% consumed you need not worry about that.

Regarding the destination disk speed, 40MB/s is not a bad one (although it depends on the actual data being copied, some considerations can be found in this topic). If you want to measure your disk IOPS, you can use IOmeter utility, for example.

Besides, you can search for existing forum discussions on the information on what configurations others use.
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