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Creating one off monthly server backups -Help !

Post by Tarquinnz »

HI All

I am looking for some assistance with creating one-off monthly images.

The company I look after has a server that is regularly backed up. I would like to create monthly images of the server for permament (5-7 years) storage. I have created a backup job for each month and scheduled it only to run on the first Saturday of the selected month. Therefore as an example, the September backup job was scheduled to run only on the first Saturday in September. When I checked this morning all 12 months of backup jobs had run over the weekend even though only one of them was scheduled to run this month. What have I missed here ?

Dan Allen

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Re: Creating one off monthly server backups -Help !

Post by foggy »

Dan, please check active full scheduling options at the Storage step of the job wizard. Probably it is set to run every month - active full scheduling overrides the general schedule of the job.

Or another guess, active full is set to run once in a year but the job is configured to run increments every month.

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