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Creating snapshot Failed to perform Veeam VSS freeze:

Post by SamDLC »

A new client is looking for a backup solution for his new VMWAre infrastucture. Of course being a user of Veeam I highly recommended the product but had a little problem when showing it off.
I am receiving an error message on all VMs running windows 2008 server. I do not know if this has to do anything with it
I installed the latest version of Veeam on a Virtual server and when I try to backup a Windows Business Essentials and BES server setup:
(Forefront, DC, Exchange, an BES) I receive the following error :

Creating snapshot Failed to perform Veeam VSS freeze: VM guest OS state is"NotRunning"

Now the only backup job that seems to work fine is the one BES is using. The BES server is using Windows 2003 R2. all the rest of the server are running Windows 2008.

We only have one ESX host 4.0 U2

I created a new VM with Windows 2003 and Veeam software. I am using the Virtual Appliance Option and sending backups to an iomega SAN.
Am i doing something wrong. I have used Veeam on other setups, and it works great. I cannot understand why here it does not work.
I assumed that the Forefront server is now the issue since the BES server worked fine.
Any help is gratly appreaciated
Alexey D.

Re: Creating snapshot Failed to perform Veeam VSS freeze:

Post by Alexey D. »

Hello Sam,

Please try to reinstall VMware tools, this should help. Also you may want to refer to this topic: Failed to Perform VEEAM VSS Freeze.
Hope this helps.
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