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Custom attribute

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In the backup it is possible to fill in the custom attribute for the VM with the backup status in vCenter after the backup is completed. Is it possible to adjust the message displayed in the custom attribute per VM for example in two separate custom attributes for data and time?
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Re: Custom attribute

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Hi, no this is not possible at this time (hard coded). Thanks.
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Re: Custom attribute

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Ivo, as long as the field value is hardcoded in Veeam, you could use PowerCLI to extract the date and time. It's rather easy. Simplified example snippet:

Code: Select all

$date_regex = 'Veeam Backup: Time \[([^\]]+)\]'
$cf_status = 'Veeam Status'

$vm = get-vm FooBar

if (($vm.CustomFields[$cf_status] -match $date_regex)) {
    $date = [DateTime]::Parse($matches[1]);
    # now you have  a date time object to play with
} else {
    # error: no backup information found in $cf_status
We use this approach to check for current backups with Nagios. You could also use it to populate extra custom fields of your own if you want to. HTH
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