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Data Size vs Restore Point Size

Post by rvopat »

We are replicating out data over a 6 mb wan connection from ESXi Servers to ESXi servers.

On the replicas we have 4 restore points

We are running Veeam Backup and Replication 64 bit on a vm with 4 processors and 4 gb of ram.

On our replicas we have a Data size of 3.16 gb and a restore point size of 708 mb - which is typical of most of our restore points though some may have a data size of 4.19 gb data and 1.09 gb restore point.

When i look at our traffic monitor i see that almost 18 to 20 gb of data has been transfered to our remote facility.

So we can plan properly is Veeam actually transferring the listed data size or the restore point size or something else?

any information is appreciated!

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Re: Data Size vs Restore Point Size

Post by foggy »

Please see the existing topic explaining the Data Size and Restore Point Size parameters: Data Size and Restore Point Size Explanation.

It is not possible to see the actually transferred data with v5 (though, this information will be provided in v6 UI). Most likely you have Veeam server VM on the source host and all data processing is done on the source side requiring replica VMDK rebuild happening over WAN, which increases the traffic significantly. That's why we do not recommend to use push replication to ESXi. v6 has new a replication engine that improves replication to ESXi hosts dramatically. Thanks.

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