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Date in filename and modified date don't match??

Post by pufferdude »

I'm running the 30 day eval of Veeam backup 3.1, and I've noticed something odd... while the backups appear to be working just fine, there is an inconsistency between the data in the backup *file* name and the modified/created date of the *file* itself.

For example, a server of mine just completed an incremental backup. It created a file called "database daily2009-07-14T220036.vrb" with a date of 7/15/2009 10:58 PM. SO, this backup JUST occurred (it only took an hour) and thus has a created date of "now", but the NAME of the file has *yesterday's* date in it?? I see this on all of my backups (I'm backing up 8 or so servers), but the difference between the filename date and the modified date vary... some are only one day apart, others are three days apart.

Can anyone explain what might be going on? I'm concerned that if I look at backup files in the future and just look at the date as "stated" in the filename itself, this is NOT representative of the date the backup actually occurred. Is this a bug? Or an I misinterpreting what the date in the filename means? Why on earth would the filename not state the actual date that file was created or modified, and thus the date that the backup actually represents? I of course verified that the veeam server itself has the correct date.
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Re: Date in filename and modified date don't match??

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Hello Jim,

Please accept my apoligies if I got you wrong, but this happens due to synthetic way of backup being used.
Let me explain, the VRB file you're getting is your previous incremental run, that's why you are having the yestardays date (the time when you ran the backup previously), all new data is inserted to VBK file, so it's the most recent state of your backup. The VRB files are your rollbacks, so you could restore to a any point in time in the past.

Also we've got an excellent article explaining how synthetic way of backup works: ... ained.html

Hope, I've answered your question!
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