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DC virtualisation for SureBackup

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We are using VeeamBackup for backing up all of our virtual infrastructure. Up for now we didn't have virtual DC's but when you introduced SureBackup I started to plan a migration. What I noticed was one post from Gostev:
Hello Sam, if you have multiple domain controllers that restoring one of them in the isolated network would not work correctly. Domain Controller needs to get in sync with other DCs including FSMO roles holders as a part of restore process. ... controller

This is our case. We are only a site in a large multinational domain. We have 2 DC's but we do not host any of FSMO's roles.

2 questions:
  • how will virtual DC behave when restored in test environment?
  • will we be able to use SureBackup to access Exchange?
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Re: DC virtualisation for SureBackup

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Sam, yes you will be able to use SureBackup to access Exchange as long as you use backup of Domain Controller with Global Catalog for your SureBackup Exchange application group. I assume you have GC in your site. Presence of FSMO role holders in the test lab will not be required. Thanks.
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