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Dedupe and new NAS storage

Post by depps » Aug 16, 2013 8:36 am

I have a requirement to store 5 years of monthly's and bi-weekly sql backups. Current full backup size is 700GB.

I'll probably use the new backup copy features to move the backups from production backup storage to a new larger storage location.

So has anyone used Server 2012 dedupe with QNAP storage? Im looking at the 64TB QNAP and configuring in RAID 6 or 10, probably 10 is the only option as rebuilds on 4TB disks are going to take forever.

The other option is something like a 48T Dell NX3200 or R720XD however once configured with RAID 10 that doesn't give us much capacity and we'd likely run out of space in year 3. The advantage is we could add another tray of disks.

Really want decent support on this product so leaning towards Dell over QNAP.

Dedupe appliances seem too expensive so not really considering them.

Dima P.
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Re: Dedupe and new NAS storage

Post by Dima P. » Aug 16, 2013 9:54 am

Hello Daniel,

It should not be a problem to use Windows 2012 dedupe features on the QNAP according to user experience across the internet, more over I noticed that QNAP recently announced that the Turbo NAS product line is completely certified for Windows 2012: here is the model list

If QNAP performance is another place of interest - you can take a look at this post. Please note that the best performance in case of using RAID with the QNAP systems could be achieved with RAID 10. However there are few mentioning here that RAID 5 on QNAP gives even better I/O performance.

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