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Deduplication, remote storage

Post by Yuki »

I've read through docs, but didn't see an answer (could be that i've missed them)
1- It is recommended to bundle many VMs into the same backup job in order to improve deduplication ratio. How big will the backup files be before getting split up into multiple chunks? If we backup 1TB of VMs, will we get 1TB single file? What if the job goes over 2TB?

2 - Can backup files be restored if the Veeam server (Backup server with SQL database) is not available? Basically if we only have the backup files and installation files for the Veeam software for clean install?
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Re: Deduplication, remote storage

Post by Gostev »

1. Backup files are never split in chunks no matter of its size.
2. Yes, you can always import backups into the clean install, and restore.
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