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Deletion of replica

Post by bertrand82 »

Hi, I have a replica job configure which contains 5 VM's. I want to move one of these VM's out in to a separate job to run on its own. I don't want to have to initiate a complete full replica again as it's across a 10mb WAN connection and will take a long time. Is there anyway I can delete the VM from the original job, add it to a new replica job WITHOUT needing to initiate a full replica?

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Re: Deletion of replica

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Hello Chris,

No, you cannot re-use previous replica for the new job, as in this case SQL database which contains all the records about configuration/current state and other information about the jobs, should also be manually re-configured, which may cause a mess and break the jobs.

You need to create a new job and perform a full replication. However, to make a full replication run less painful you may use replica "seeding' option which is available in the advanced job settings.

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