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Dell EMC DD, best practices, do's and dont's - ATM

Post by jozne » Jun 13, 2018 6:22 am


So after this refreshing ReFS adventure, we are planning to move to DD, to Virtual Edition to be precise (since the licensing & hw gives better options for fiddling with the costs as we run this as 'service' to our internal 'customers').
And now I ask from you guys, who have been running this for longer time, that what are the best options that you have yourself witnessed? This is what I was planning

- 30d local backup to local DDve onsite (Mtree_30d)
- Backup copy job with GFS options (4 weeks, 12 months, 10 years) to local DDve on site (Mtree_LTS)
- Replication from local DD _LTS to remote DD _LTS

And as for settings, Primary backup job
- Incremental, create synthetic full periodically
- No active full backups (should I?)
- Dunno yet about Health check & Defragment - Do I need this and active full both or just either to be "on the good side"?
- No inline deduplication on Job - I think that I'll let DD dedupe to handle this (although horror stories from LARGE SQL backup restore times seem.. BAD)
- Compresion level: None
- STorage optimazation: Local Target (16TB+ backup files, although ours range from 500GB to 5TB)

Backup copy job
- Synthesizing from incrments (Did NOT tick the "Read the entire restore point..." checkbox)
- No health check
- No Defragment
- No deduplication
- Compression: None

DD Repository settings @ Veeam
- Decompress (I guess I could untick this since I'm not compressing and if I am then tick?)
- Use per-VM Backup files (although 90% of my jobs backup single VM)

Also if someone knows how DD replication works, I have a question concerning that too. Last night I tested replication with transformed weekly full, and it seemed to take lot more time than I thought (not bad still, 100Mbps line, 1h for 1TB). I was in the impression, that replication only sends the differential blocks to the offsite DD with replication. Local DD stored only ~6GB differential data, pre-comp data showed 2.2TB (I guess it took the .temp that Veeam made and the .vbk that it synthesized), physical written something alongside the 7GB - so how did the replication end up taking 2hours in total, should it not just send the 7GB over the line and be.. fast? calculated the speed to be something like 300MB/s so over 100Mbps line that is still fast though, works for us. Replication is set as MTree Automatic replication from DD to another. (1TB / 1hr = ~300MB/s, sometimes it went 500MB/s)

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