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Design question repository concurrent tasks

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We've created a backup repository server VM running Windows 2016 and connected are 5 RDMs of 30TB each. When trying to determine the number of running tasks I should set to each repository, I guess I just divide the number to get of vCPUs to the number of repositories? In my case that would be 10 vCPU devided by 5 RDMs, is 2 running tasks per repository. Would that theoretically be correct?

But in practise probably not because not all tasks are always hitting all repositories at the same time. Would I just guess and double the number of concurrent tasks from 2 to 4?

Is there a live number / chart I can watch to see the concurrent tasks over all the datastores when backups are running?


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Re: Design question repository concurrent tasks

Post by DaveWatkins »

If the repo server is only hosting the repo and not also a proxy then it's just about how fast the disks are. If it's also a proxy then it's likely the proxy component is going to be CPU bound rather than the repo component

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