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Direct SAN Access

Post by Rohail2004 »

My Veeam server is a VM and the disk is located on the SAN, so my question is can I use "Direct SAN Access" as my backup option?

My backup drive is a DataDomain which I have mapped the drive within the Veeam server...

Please let me know.. thanks.
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Re: Direct SAN Access

Post by joergr »


please check the FAQ at vStorage API and Direct San Access - there you got everything you need.

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Re: Direct SAN Access

Post by Gostev »

Thank Joerg. I am desperately looking for ideas on what we could potentially implement to ensure that people do read sticky FAQ topic before posting their question. If anyone has some ideas on what can be done to improve this, please PM me. Feedback from those who did miss the topic is especially valuable. Right now, the FAQ topic is located right next to the New Topic button (could not find a better place), but is still being ignored... I don't know what else can be done that would not require significant re-write of the board code.

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