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Direct SAN backup fails

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we are running on one Dell equallogic, vsphere, veeam 4.1, W-Server 2008R and trying to do our backups with option "vstorage API / SAN with failover", but actually veeam is backing up over network, with following message:

Unable to establish direct connection to the shared storage (SAN).
Please ensure that:
- HBA is properly installed in the Veeam Backup server computer, or software iSCSI initiator is configured correctly.
- SAN volume can be seen by operating system in the Windows Disk Management snap-in on the Veeam Backup server.
- Read access is allowed for the Veeam Backup server computer on the corresponding LUN (refer to your SAN documentation).

The LUN is connected with ISCSI - Initiator, but in Disk-Management-Snap-In it's still remarked as "not initialized" and a message is shown, that we should now initialize by MBR or GPT, but I think we shouldn't...
We also set diskpart = automount disable like recommended, but it doesn't help.

What can we do?

Thanks for help!
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Re: Direct SAN backup fails

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Hello, are you sure you have added correct LUNs? Is it possible that you are trying to backup VMs which are located on different LUNs and not those that you have added? Really Equallogic is arguably most common SAN amoung our customers and there are absolutely no problems using it together with Veeam. I am not sure what are you doing wrong...

You may want to try to using vcbsandbg.exe as described here, and see if it gives any clues...
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Direct SAN mode fails

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My Veeam B&R is physical with a HBA into the SAN (IBM DS3500). I have two LUNs that show up in the disk manager on the Veeam windows server. My backup job backs up VMs from both LUNs but it complains about one LUN not being accesible and then it fails over to network mode just for that one LUN. I see that there is a difference between the two LUNs as seen by windows in disk manager. The one LUN is seen as 'Basic' and 'online' although the partition is shown as Healthy, Unknown. The other LUN is seen as Unknow, Not Initialzed and Unallocated. Not sure why....? ANy ideas please? Automount is, of course, disabled.

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