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Direct San question

Post by charlez » Apr 19, 2015 3:40 pm


We have a NetApp FAS-2040 for production storage and a Dell Powervault NX3200 (2012R2 storage server) as backup storage.

Some part of the direct san is unclear to me.
I know you must present the lun's of the NetApp to the proxy's to start with. So that the proxy can read the data directly from the san.
That part is clear to me, the rest is unclear to me.

How does the proxy move is data to the backupstorage without using your normal production network and only the storage network?

I'm i correct when i create a lun on the powervault and connect them to the storage network so i can use them to store backupdata?
Mount the lun in Powervault NX3200 so that a have a disk to store the backuprepository.
Install the backuprepository client on the Dell Powervault NX3200's 2012R2 storage server.

Should those lun's of the backupstorage also be presented (offline) to the proxy's?
How does the proxy move is data to the backupstorage without using your normal production network?


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Re: Direct San question

Post by dellock6 » Apr 20, 2015 8:17 am

how are you going to create the proxy itself? If it's going to be powervault itself, both proxy and repository role will be executed on the same machine in your scenario, so the only network consumed by backups will be from the FAS-2040 to the proxy machine, that will then write directly into its local storage.

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