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Disk Backup to Tape

Post by eagle »

I need a help with a problem i am having. I have set my CA Arcserve software to backup my Veeam Disk based backups to tape. Most days i don't have a problems, as the tape backups run well after the disks finish. The problem i am having is that on Friday nights when i do my synthetic full. I set the Tape backups to run a full backup on Sunday morning, with the hopes that the synthetic full will have finished by then. However, i am running into a problem where it doesn't finish by then sometimes, and then the Arcserve backup locks one of the incremental files. When the Veeam server tries to access that file, it is locked so it cannot access it, then the synthetic rollup fails. It fails badly, so i don't have the option of just kicking it off again. I have to run a full backup again. This method sucks because i end up having to delete a previous full to have disk space to rerun it. Looking for alternatives that people have used to get around this. I would love for the Veeam software to lock all the files so that it doesn't have this issue on the rollup. The CA software has a open files agent, so it will be able to back it up if the file is locked, but if it's not, it will lock the file, causing Veeam to fail.

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Re: Disk Backup to Tape

Post by Gostev »

I can recommend launching tape backup job using post-job script in advanced Veeam job settings, this way you can be sure the process only starts after the job completes successfully.

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