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Disk-to-disk-tape backup

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Fairly simple question... need disk-to-disk-to-tape backups, read a few forum articles with powershell scripts and the like, people mentioning using 'incrementals' etc, but I want to keep it simple/fast/and minimal data to tape. I've done the following, which is functional - just want to confirm that it sounds correct/will actually work.

Got a Veeam box with a heap of local disk, SAN attached, all backup jobs for VM's are set to 'Reversed Incremental', keeping last 5 days images, running Arcserve on the local box too and have set it up to backup Veeam folders that contain the images, but set a filter to exclude *.vrb files (so just gets *.vbk and *.vbm files to tape), because I'm limited on LTO4 space (there is around an extra 570GB of .vrb files which is nearly another LTO4 tape needed). Arcserve backs these up nightly to tape once the Veeam jobs are complete. As the .vbk should be a full backup/recovery of the previous nights backup, and that image goes to tape, then it allows me to:

1. rollback to any of the last 5 days direct off disk
2. if need to restore from > 5 days, throw appropriate tape in and restore the vbk and vbm file, in Veeam import the vbm file (it goes generate an error, because it can't find the related vrb files that are outlined in the metadata file - however the import does show up in the GUI) then, right click and restore the necessary files (from previous night "full" only, obviously can't choose any of the rollbacks coz I'm not backing the vrb's to tape - but thats not a concern, as I simply need to select the right tape for the night I need to rollback too)

Is this a feasible method? Can anyone see anything wrong with doing it this way? I realise the Veeam 'incrementals' are supposed to be used for tape backups, but the above is just simpler to me. Thoughts?

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Re: Disk-to-disk-tape backup

Post by foggy »

Hello! If you are ok with the relatively long backup window (the whole full is written to tape each night), then this setup is valid.
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Re: Disk-to-disk-tape backup

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If you can afford the space used by a full VBK going everyday onto tapes, I see no problems in this setup.
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