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Does the first replicaiton need to be down the wire?

Post by mrpackethead »

Hi, I want to replicate some hosts over a WAN connection. ( its 10Mbs-1 at one end.).. The incremental changes will be no problem but the inital copy might be. ( we have just short of 500GB of machines ).. Which i figure will take about 120hours! ( 5 days )..

Is there a way we can do the first replication ( full ) by using an image on a hard drive or tape ??

The incremental differences that veam is producing on a daily basis for backups is about 2-5Gbs

We are using Veeam 3.0

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Does the first replicaiton need to be down the wire?

Post by Gostev »

Hello, Andrew yes currently it needs to be done over wire.

Please refer to the following existing thread for more information:
Initial "replication" over physical storage


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