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Dr replication..

Post by thuizenga »

I am setting up a DR replication with veeam.

My question has to do with the best way to implement veeam so i can access my replication point in times.

1. With my vmware setup in my production environment i can do this but if i loose my veeam server it appears that i can only start the vm manually. I tried to re import the replication job that sits on my dr server from a new instance of veeam and this did not seam to work. I could see my three production server (ESX) but now my DR server (ESXI).

2. I can install veeam in my dr server and then initiate the backup from there. This is really slow as i need to use network mode.

3. Replace my veeam server to drd (i have not attempted this).

My veeam server is currently virtualized and my esx environment is 4.0
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Re: Dr replication..

Post by Gostev »

Travis, I just responded to the same question yesterday, see here: ... 687#p14992
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