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DR site advice

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I'm new veeam B&R and want to know more regarding offsite backup at DR site. Bascially we have two ESXi hosts on each site Primary and secondary with few vm's on each site.

Veeam on windows 2008 R2 physicalserver with local storage at primary site.
Here is my backup scheduled ...
Daily Backup with 14 days (deafult) Restore points and Deleted VMs retention period
Incremental enabled with sysnthetic fulls and tranformation on every saturday.

Replication via secondary ESXi host to vmfs datastore
storage connected via iSCSI software adapter from secondary EMC datacenter.
Daily replication with 14 restore points .

I would like know do we require a secondary backup onto DR site or replication is enough to carry on.

Any advice pl..

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Re: DR site advice

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Hello! As Anton likes to say, "backup is not a backup until you have 3 copies of it". While this is completely up to you and your backup strategy, I would advise some good reading about this to better understand your needs. Thanks.
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