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DR testing using replica VM and virtual lab proxy appliance

Post by mlockwood »

I have two sites with Veeam replicating VMs between them (call them prod and DR). I would like to use the (network) proxy appliance that is pushed out by the virtual lab wizard to facilitate replica VM testing. When i do this it mounts a vPower NFS datastore to the DR vSphere server (located at DR site) from my Veeam server (located at prod site). This is not optimal since it is connecting the datastore over the (slow) WAN. Can I either choose to:

a) Not to mount the vPower datastore? (with my use case I don't see the purpose of this datastore as the virtual lab appliance it pushed to a vmware datastore of my choice)
b) Have it mount from a Veeam backup proxy located in the same physical location (DR site) as the replica VMs?

The Virtual Lab proxy appliance works beautifully for what i'm looking to do...I'm just struggling with what the exact purpose/need for the vPower datastore is. Is there a different/better way to accomplish what i'm trying to do here?

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Re: DR testing using replica VM and virtual lab proxy applia

Post by Gostev »

Hi Matt, not very clear to me why vPower NFS mounting concerns you at all, if you are not running any VMs from it? As far as I understand, you are putting your replica VMs into the virtual lab instead, right? Thanks!

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