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[feature request] Dynamic Throttling rules

Post by jochot » Jun 20, 2018 12:33 pm 1 person likes this post

I have a feature request to have dynamic throttling rules.
The background:
I have 1 HQ which is connected to the Internet with 1Gbps.
And I have 3 remote offices with 100mbps - 500mbps connection.
Now I'd like to move data from the 3 remote offices to the HQ.
Networking gave me the following maximal speeds per office I am allowed to use:
HQ download: 500/200mbps night/day
RemoteOffice1 upload: 70/30mbps night/day
RemoteOffice2 upload: 200/100mbps night/day
RemoteOffice3 upload: 300/150mbps night/day

Now if I want to create throttling rules, I need to create them like this:
RemoteOffice1 -> HQ: 70/30mbps night/day
RemoteOffice2 -> HQ: 200/100mbps night/day
RemoteOffice3 -> HQ: 300/150mbps night/day
That would be fitting for all the Remote offices, but If all the jobs run at the same time at maximum speed, I have 570mpbs at night and 280mbps at night which is too much for HQ.

Now my workaround would be to have a Rule for the HQ that limits to all the other ranges a combined maximum of 500/200mpbs, but that is a very static thing to do (as it needs to be in one single rule and the subnets are not near to each other, so I have to include subnets that are not in the needed RemoteOffices and you cannot include more than one source range in one Throttling rule), like this:
(RemoteOffice1, RemoteOffice2, RemoteOffice3 [and everything in between them]) -> HQ: 500/200mbps night/day
This would not work, if the HQ subnet would be between the 3 remote offices.

Now that I showed my problem, I would like to offer a solution:
it would be awesome, if you could have "sites" which are specified by subnets and have upload and download throttling rules.
For example: (night and day are like before specified with time periods, for me two (day/night) are enough but maybe it would make sense to have more than two)
HQ:, download night: 500mbps, download day: 200mbps, upload night: 500mbps, upload day: 200mbps
RemoteOffice1:, download night: 70mbps, download day: 30mbps, upload night: 70mbps, upload day: 30mbps
RemoteOffice2:, download night: 200mbps, download day: 100mbps, upload night: 200mbps, upload day: 100mbps
RemoteOffice2:, download night: 300mbps, download day: 150mbps, upload night: 300mbps, upload day: 150mbps
Then it could dynamically spread the 500mbps from HQ to the RemoteOffices.
Also, maybe you could do this not by subnet but by location of the infrastructure items (like we flag our repositories right now, we could also flag WAN Accelerators, Gateway Servers and Proxies)

This is just a small example, but I hope it shows what I mean.

If you have any questions or suggestions just add it :)

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Re: [feature request] Dynamic Throttling rules

Post by Dima P. » Jun 20, 2018 2:28 pm 1 person likes this post

Hello jochot.

Thank you for sharing your idea. It sounds very interesting and I'll gladly discuss it with the team. Cheers!

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Re: [feature request] Dynamic Throttling rules

Post by jochot » Jul 23, 2018 9:07 am 1 person likes this post


just thought about another thing which could be quickly included into the system we are having right now.
It would be cool to give the existing throttling rules names, I have 10 rules now for 5 Branch offices (day/night) and I now need to know from the IP Range which Office is which, it would be easier if they would get names so I can see directly which rule is for what.

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Re: [feature request] Dynamic Throttling rules

Post by nitramd » Jul 23, 2018 2:10 pm

+1 for the naming capability

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Re: [feature request] Dynamic Throttling rules

Post by Mgamerz » Jul 23, 2018 4:24 pm

This would be nice. I wish my other backup product could also do this that I use for my clients.

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