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Effect of Storage Optimization on Transformation to Full?

Post by mschlott »

When selecting the Optimization of a backup, does the level of optimization,i.e. WAN, LAN or Local, have a significant effect on the time it takes to roll up incrementals into a full backup? I have all of my backups set to WAN, but I could potentially set the to LAN if it could have an effect on my roll up of incrementals.

My biggest bottlneck is IO speed of the disks on my linux veeamtarget. I have plenty of CPU and memory, but rolling up my incrementals can take up to 9 hours for a single job when no other jobs are running on those disks. I do weekly rollups, and am considering changing that to doing rollups almost every night.

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Re: Effect of Storage Optimization on Transformation to Full

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Yes, WAN target setting produces additional processing overhead coming from the quantity of blocks that need to be processed (due to a half smaller block size). This obviously affects storage as more I/O operations needed to write the same amount of data.

Note that you'll have to run the full backup for the change to take effect.

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Re: Effect of Storage Optimization on Transformation to Full

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Using WAN target will can cause more blocks to be moved, however, if it happens to make significantly smaller increments (for example, in the case of servers with many small changes) then it can actually improve the performance of transformation since, even though the blocks are smaller, there is less total data to move.

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