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Email reporting for plugin backups (pre V12)

Post by mdiver »

Is there a way for an unmanaged plugin backup job - e.g. RMAN - to send an email notification about failure and/or success.

There seems to be a logic for that in the plugin, as can be told from the session.log file in the logs folder on the VBR server (C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Backup\Plugin\Backup\Instancename\Servername\Session):

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[21.02.2023 13:59:13] <35> Info         [LinuxBackupServerWorker] Command: plugin.SendEmailReport
[21.02.2023 13:59:13] <35> Info         {(EDateTime) _currentTime=2023-02-21 14:01:20; (EDateTime) currentTimeUtc=2023-02-21 13:01:20; (EGuid) jobId={UID}; (EBoolean) pluginCommand=true; (EGuid) pluginManagerId={UID}; (EVcpArgs) proxyCacheCtx={EVcpArgs: 2 kvps}; (EGuid) proxySessionKey={UDI}; (EGuid) sessionId={UID}; }
[21.02.2023 13:59:13] <35> Info         Manager Id: UID
[21.02.2023 13:59:13] <35> Info         [DB] Generating xml report for sessions: [UID]
[21.02.2023 13:59:13] <35> Info         [DB] Transforming xml report to html report
[21.02.2023 13:59:13] <35> Info         [SessionReportMailer] Sending report safely
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Re: Email reporting for plugin backups (pre V12)

Post by PetrM »


Yes, you may configure it in the global email notification settings, as stated on this page:
Reports about processing results of backup copy jobs for backups of Oracle RMAN and SAP HANA databases created with Veeam Plug-ins for Enterprise Applications.
By the way, it's relevant for all enterprise plug-ins, not only for Oracle RMAN and SAP HANA.

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