[Fet Req] Enhance Backup Evac Behavior

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[Fet Req] Enhance Backup Evac Behavior

Veeam Logoby pexafrit » Wed Jul 19, 2017 1:10 pm


We are using Veeam B&R in
We have an open issue with backup evacs (Case 02143016).

We are using the backup evac function to migrate data from NTFS extents (up to 30 TB in size) to REFS extent.

Due to the size of the extent, it will run for about 40 hours.
During the evac, i cannot run backups -> i have to disable the backup jobs.

It will be a huge help, if i can run the evac and the backup job at the same time (=> no disable of the backup job), or if i can start and stop a backup evac job without the need of reworking.

From the support (btw, good work @veeam support), i got 2 solutions:

*) Do the evac on the weekend (and stop the backup jobs in this time)
*) Start evac in the morning and stop it befor the backup jobs starts in the evening. (but not all backup jobs can be enabled again)

Stopping the evac in the evening needs rework (howto from veeam support):
- Manually stop the evacuation, the extent should still remain in "Maintenance" mode, rescan SOBR;
- Browse to the disk of the evacuated extent via Windows Explorer and note the names of the folders which are still there with restore points. These are jobs which are still not evacuated from the extent;
- Enable only those jobs which do not have folders on the evacuated extent.

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