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Enhancement request: Scheduling behavior

Post by mhaaksma » Feb 27, 2018 1:26 pm


I had originally submitted a support case for this, but I was told enhancement requests go in the Veeam community forums.

So here it goes...

I scheduled a job for every 3rd Saturday of the month, but instead of picking only 3rd Saturdays VB&R picked the first Saturday.

Per the case engineer this is by design. "As of right now is that since it wasn't able to run on the real first Saturday of the month, it's trying to run on the next "first" Saturday of this month, which would be 2/24. A way to circumvent this would be to disable the job for now, then on Sunday re-enable the job. I'd expect this would cause the next run time to update to the expected 3/3 date"

I would like some sort of global option or registry value that can alter this behavior. In other words, only run on 3rd Saturday even if the job has not run for that particular month.

I have a backup job that kick off a patching script. I cannot have the job run outside that 3rd Saturday.
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Re: Enhancement request: Scheduling behavior

Post by veremin » Feb 27, 2018 3:13 pm

Can you share your support ticket Id, as the described behaviour doesn't look expected? By the way, isn't an active full backup scheduled on first Saturday of month by chance? Thanks.

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