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Enterprise Manager bug (editting jobs)

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Hi all,

I wanted to share something we found out this morning. One of our jobs backups a complete VMware Cluster, while using Exclusions we exclude some VM that are used in other jobs (because they need a fixed run time), using the "Advanced Tab" in Guest Processing we exclude VMs (e.g. Linux) from requiring a VSS succes and also disable Indexing.

When I edit a job in the Enterprise Manager (in our case to change start time) and click on Exclusions, this displays not the VMs that we excluded from the backup, but the VMs that we Added to the Guest Processing "Advanced Options Tab".

Because I was only changing the start time (and did not look into all the Tabs) the actual Backup Job on the Backup Server was changed to exclude all VMs that were added to Guest Processing "Advanced Options Tab". Because the backup jobs succesfully completed the next few days we did not realize that some VMs were not being backupped.

I will open a support ticket for this problem and keep you posted.


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