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Enterprise Manager - Feature Requests

Post by mdiver »

We have recently been challenged with several requirements in a larger project that lack in VBEM's functionality right now.
I'd like to bring three of them together here as a feature request:

1. In contrast to single-DB recoveries driven by Veeam Explorer for SQL, you cannot do a recovery of all databases of a server or instance at once. You have to recover each and every DB individually which can be cumbersome when being tasked to recovery all DBs to the same PiT.
2. Details of a PiT recovery are not visible in VBEM after the recovery. You can only see the server, the instance and the time of the restore. For audit reasons it would be important to have the info about who recovered what DB to which exact PiT.
3. When restoring vie VBEM to another system or instance, it would be very helpful to default the paths to the target instances' default path and not the path of the original DB on the source server of the backup. The target system might not even have this path.

Maybe this helps to make VBEM even more enterprise ready.

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Re: Enterprise Manager - Feature Requests

Post by PetrM »


Many thanks for your feedback, it's highly appreciated! All requests are noted but I cannot give any ETA.

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