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Enterprise Manager Reports Questions?

Post by mdornfeld »

I've been asked for more in-depth reporting on our Veeam backup jobs then what I can find within Enterprise Manager. Here are a few things:

1. A list of all of our jobs, their scheduled run times, and how many restore points we keep. This is to fulfill reporting for our recovery point objectives, as well as to report what's kept on disk.

2. A graphical chart with jobs on vertical axis and time in hours on the horizontal access that shows multiple jobs and the overlap that their runtime causes. This chart would just be a graphical view of how long jobs are running each day so we can see if the jobs are taking shorter / longer, how much contention our backup server is experiencing so we can even out jobs (we don't have proxies), and so they we can quickly identify how close the jobs are to stepping on the toes of other things we do, like tape backup of the resultant vbk files.

Is this something that can be found in other Veeam products, or ideally, just additions to Enterprise Manager Reporting in future editions?

Thank you,

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Re: Enterprise Manager Reports Questions?

Post by Gostev »

Hi Matt,

1. This report is very easy to create with PowerShell. If you have same level of PowerShell knowledge like I do (none), try asking for help on PowerShell subforum for help.

2. You cannot backup without proxies, so you do have at least one ;) the default proxy that is installed right on the Veeam server. Why not just set the desired job concurrency level, instead of dealing with all this complexity. Job run time may change very heavily depending on environmental conditions, so this kind of planning you are describing can never be implemented correctly anyway. On the other hand, if you let Veeam itself manage concurrency, it will adapt to current situation every day.


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