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Enterprise Manager: UX fail

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I opened a support case in Feb 2019 (ID# 03439180) regarding the UX of Enterprise Manager. The issue was a bug in how results were displayed whilst a search was still running. I have just installed EM for VBR 9.5u4 and I'm pleased to say I think this bug is fixed. But when testing in Feb, and now, there are still glaring failures in the usability of EM.

Here are some examples:

1. The results columns are not clickable/sortable. If you have a hundreds of results from a file search, you can't sort by anything; date, server, path, etc
2. The box to filter results doesn't scale/fit the screen when you have a specific machine selected. Is it still usable? Yes. But it is poor design.
3. The 'known type' filter allows for choosing "Microsoft Excel (XLS)" - XLS?! Veeam still referring to OLD office file formats? These were effectively deprecated in 2007! And yes, I did try my search using this option - no XLSX files were returned, I needed to enter that extension manually in the field below.
4. The 'Browse' button is functional, but doesn't do anything unless you have a specific machine selected - this isn't obvious. Better UI design needed here.
5. The 'Browse' button parses the \ (backslash) character incorrectly. The search still works, but the value in the field just looks wrong.
6. When Browsing folders, the mouse scroll wheel doesn't work, only the keyboard arrows allow you to scroll down.

Will any of these be fixed for V10? It seems this product hasn't had the same scrutiny and testing by Veeam QC as the core products get.

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Re: Enterprise Manager: UX fail

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for catching those and creating handy gifs. I've passed your feedback to the QC team.

P.S. Some of those will be fixed in v10 ;)

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