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Error FIB block

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We have an error with a job, I attach you the log.
It's a job that is executed every weekend. The server is an Exchange server, and we are using Veeam Backup 4.1.

Backing up file "[FC.RAID1] polemon/Server.vmdk" BackupText failed Client error: FIB block points to block located outside the patched FIB. FIB length: [556]. Block start offset: [0], end offset: [560]. Failed to backup text locally. Backup: [veeamfs:6:a170adef-60ea-4ef2-aaa6-cadc1371eee2 (vm-690)\Server.vmdk@E:\VeeamBackup\Server\Server.vbkVBK: 'veeamfs:6:a170adef-60ea-4ef2-aaa6-cadc1371eee2 (vm-690)\Server.vmdk@E:\VeeamBackup\Server\Server.vbk'RBK: 'veeamfs:6:a170adef-60ea-4ef2-aaa6-cadc1371eee2 (vm-690)\Server.vmdk@E:\VeeamBackup\Server\Server2010-08-07T083052.vrb']. Server error: End of file
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Re: Error FIB block

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FYI we had the same issue recently - we are currently rebuilding our Veeam server (due to other issues) so will be interesting to see if this error comes back when we have all the jobs up and running again.
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Re: Error FIB block

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Please refer to our support team with all technical issues as it is explained if you follow the link in red when you create a New Topic. Our technical team will be able to assist you in resolving the issue after reviewing all the log files.

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