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Error in replica

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I have some jobs to replicate vm between 2 ESX server. Since a few days I get this error each time it try to replicate. I have enough space on both ESX.

5 of 5 files processed

Total VM size: 73.01 GB
Processed size: 1.46 GB
Processing rate: 35 MB/s
Backup mode: NBD with changed block tracking
Start time: 10/11/2010 10:36:13 AM
End time: 10/11/2010 10:36:56 AM
Duration: 0:00:42

Replicating file "[ESX2 VMstore_1] vaslt7/vaslt7-flat.vmdk"
BackupDisk failed
Client error: No space left on device
POSIX: Failed to write data to the file [/vmfs/volumes/4bed8a71-cdd3ea66-9450-001e4f4378ec/VeeamBackup/vaslt7(80)/2010-10-10T193406.vrb].

Server error: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
Failed to process VM disk backup. VMDK path: [vddk://<vddkConnSpec><viConn name="" authdPort="902" vicPort="443" /><vmxPath vmRef="80" datacenterRef="ha-datacenter" datacenterInventoryPath="ha-datacenter" snapshotRef="80-snapshot-103" datastoreName="ESX2 VMstore_1" path="vaslt7/vaslt7.vmx" /><vmdkPath datastoreName="ESX2 VMstore_1" path="vaslt7/vaslt7.vmdk" /><transports seq="nbd" hotAddRedirection="1" /><readBuffer size="0" /></vddkConnSpec>].
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Re: Error in replica

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Hello Eric, for any technical issues please contact our support directly, as explained when you click New Topic. Thanks!
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