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Error Msg

Post by flavor4real »

Good Morning guys,
I got a issue with a job, maybe someone can point me in the right direction. The backup policy has several servers where two error out. Error msg below.

Verifying changed block tracking...
Disk "Hard disk 2" has incorrect changed block tracking configuration.
Disk "Hard disk 3" has incorrect changed block tracking configuration.

Backing up object "[EVA_C1_VMFS1] xxxxx4I31SQL006/xxxxx4I31SQL006_1.vmdk"

One or more VM disks have incorrect changed block tracking configuration. To resolve this, open VMware vSphere Client, right-click the VM, choose Edit Settings, Options tab, select General, click Configuration Parameters, and set all entries with ‘ctkEnabled’ substring to false. Veeam Backup will then automatically re-enable changed block tracking with the correct settings during the next job run.
BackupDiskTrad failed
Client error: Failed to open VDDK disk [[EVA_C1_VMFS1] BENNA4I31SQL006/BENNA4I31SQL006_1.vmdk] ( is read-only mode - [true] )
Failed to open VMDK.
Logon attempt with parameters [VC/ESX: [x.x.x.x];Port: x;Login: [nase\benn.vmware.svc];VMX Spec: [moref=vm-6138];Snapshot mor: [snapshot-20389];Transports: [hotadd:nbd]] failed because of the following errors:

Server error: End of file

any ideas?
Vitaliy S.
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Re: Error Msg

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Dennis,

For all technical issues, we do recommend opening a support ticket with our technical team, but we also do have some other similar topics with updated resolution, you may want to check out for those: ... parameters

However to get the technical issue resolved quicker, you need to conact your support team directly. Thank you!
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