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Error when (re)installing

Post by bshubinsky »

I was advised by support that my problem could be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling Veeam and then applying a hotfix. When I try to reinstall my software, I am able to get to the point where it starts installing.

Eventually I get an error that states the following:

Error37506. Error executing SQL script StoredProdecures.sql Line 6091. There is already an object named GetFIleNameFromAgentPath in the database (2714).

Please advise.
Alexey D.

Re: Error when (re)installing

Post by Alexey D. »

Hello Boris,

Are you willing to drop your older B&R database? Installation is stuck due to existance of the previous database.
You may want to delete it if you don't need it, and installation should continue.

If you want to keep that database, please continue working with our support team. Hope this helps!
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