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Errors Backing UP VM which are protected by SRM

Post by mralc » Apr 15, 2019 2:27 pm

We have a two VMware Clusters/vCenters 6.5 link together by enhanced link mode (One VMware Cluster at each datacenter, Live VMs at both datacenter and VMs being backup by Veeam at both site), VMs are chosen to be backed up via Veeam using VMware Folders. We are using VMware SRM and to protect some of the VMs and replicate them to the remote site. The VMs which are protected and replicated to the remote site, this create a Place Holder SRM VM at the remote, If some one forget to move the SRM replica VM at the remote site out the vmware backup folder or it get places in the folder which a backup job which it pick it VMs from. We get the following msg:

Code: Select all

Failed to create VM snapshot. Error: CreateSnapshot failed, vmRef vm-343, timeout 1800000, snName VEEAM BACKUP TEMPORARY SNAPSHOT, snDescription Please do not delete this snapshot. It is being used by Veeam Backup., memory False, quiesce False
Error: The method is disabled by 'com.vmware.vcDr'
I under stand the above and I and I am happy that we cant backup a SRM replica VM. We are happy to move the VM to a correct folder so that it does not get backed up.

But is there a way to exclude SRM replica VMs from the with inside the JOB?

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Re: Errors Backing UP VM which are protected by SRM

Post by veremin » Apr 15, 2019 5:58 pm 1 person likes this post

There is no option to exclude such VMs, if they are present inside the selected folder. Just a thought - may be you can tag all VMs, except placeholder ones, and use the tag as a backup job source? Thanks!

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