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Errors on a DFS server while Veeam snapshots to backup

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We have a vm that we have been testing as a DFS server (MS 2003 R2) and usinig veeam 4.1.x. The following errors appear in the event viewer of that server at the exact times that Veeam is performing its function for the job;
Once the job completes eveything goes back to normal and the server functions as it should

Event ID 1102
The DFS Replication service has temporarily stopped replication because another application is performing a backup or restore operation. Replication will resume after the backup or restore operation has finished.

The other 2 DFS servers that are not in this vm enviornment actually stop communicating with it during this time.
Event ID 5014 (from the other 2 dfs servers)
The DFS Replication service is stopping communication with partner SERVERNAME for replication group PATH due to an error. The service will retry the connection periodically.

It seems to happen when the snapshot is created and then again when the snapshot is being removed.

Has anyone seem this before?

thanks in advance

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Re: Errors on a DFS server while Veeam snapshots to backup

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This is normal, and due to OS freeze with Microsoft VSS (to achieve transactionally consistent snapshot). Please review Application Aware Image Processing section of sticky FAQ topic for more information. Thanks!

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Re: Errors on a DFS server while Veeam snapshots to backup

Post by Bunce »

The good thing about DFS is that it will recover without any issue once both sides are backup, so you won't have any corruption.

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