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estimate the backup speed for me

Post by randy_wu »

Our production environment have upgrade to vSphere 4, we have about 5 vms about 2T size, we use an IBM DS4700 for production and an IBM N3600(NetApp FAS2050) NAS for backup with connected with 4GB san switch,the VDR backup speed is about 20m/s, if we change to use Veeam Backup, any one can help estimate the backup speed ?

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Re: estimate the backup speed for me

Post by Gostev »

Unfortunately it is impossible to estimate, as there are too many environment-specific factors: VM disk type and content, amount of VM disk changes between backup cycles, number of CPUs on Veeam Backup server, target storage performance, backup job processing mode, network and storage load and much more.

Based on feedback from other customers, I would expect at least 2-3 times faster backup speed for the first backup pass, and at least 10 times faster during incremental runs. This is assuming VDR calculates processing rate the same way we do: total VM size divided by the time it took to back it up (including VSS freeze, snapshot management operations etc).

Really, best way is to install Veeam Backup and run a test job (takes no more than 15 minutes).

You can also get some idea from other customer's reports: ... ck-4.0.pdf

These were all collected from these very forums.

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