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ESXi Disclaimer in User Guide

Post by numberaut »

I'm reading through the User Guide and come across this nugget:

"Many organizations deploying virtual infrastructure incline to use ESXi servers in their production environment. However, use of ESXi may cause a problem when taking into consideration the disaster recovery strategy. Owing to the absence of the service console inherent to the standard ESX server, common methods of backup and replication are not applicable to ESXi." Page 25.

Veeam was actually recommended to me by VMware reps, who stated it was _the_ backup solution for the ESXi I was then purchasing. That disclaimer specifically mentions an "absence of the service console inherent to the standard ESX server" would be detrimental to backup methods. Can someone clarify and/or, tell me whether or not I'm just worried over nothing? What exactly am I missing by not having a "service console"? I have no clue since ESXi is all I have ever seen.

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Re: ESXi Disclaimer in User Guide

Post by Gostev »

A tad slower full restore and replication speed for ESXi target, that is all. There are tons of existing threads here about this, if you are interested in more details.

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