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ESXi: Restore rate is very (s)low

Post by Treverer »


We use ESXi on two servers (quad- & dual-core) with not very fast SATA HDs. The (source) speed for a backup is around 13-15MB/s with high compression, the target is an Intel-NAS.

When I try to restore a backup, i only get 1MB/s :shock: Changing the NAS with another samba-share made no difference . Switching beetween ESX-Servers and different datastores also not helps. CPU- und NIC-Load (1Gbit) are very low, so that could not be the problem.

Any ideas? THX!
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Re: ESXi: Restore rate is very (s)low

Post by Gostev »

Hello, can you open VMware Infrastructure Client on you Veeam Backup server, connect to the ESXi host you are restoring to, and use Datastore Browser to upload some large file to the same datastore that you are restoring to. What speed are you getting for upload?
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