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Exagrid backup to tape

Post by bhyronim »

I am considering using Veeam to backup our VM guests to an Exagrid appliance. From what I can tell this seems pretty straight forward.
What I am wondering is how does one get those backups to tape? I am a Veeam customer and we are just exploring the use of Exagrid.
We have traditional backup software but it is not like you can install an agent on the Exagrid appliance.
I would be curious to see what other people are doing in this senario.
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Re: Exagrid backup to tape

Post by Gostev »

Cannot your software pick up backup files from ExaGrid share, and push them to tape?
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Re: Exagrid backup to tape

Post by Daveyd »

As long as your tape backup software can see a CIFS share, it should be able to bakup the Veeam files. You'll have to be careful running the Veeam backups and the tape backup software locking the Veeam files when doing its doing its own backup
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