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Excessive delay delay in starting Veeam explorer

Post by SerSunal »

My veeam server is very slow to start Veeam Explorer for granular file level recovery of a windows server that is backed up via agent. The server has multiple drives and they total 18TB. It takes 10 minutes for Veeam Explorer to start selling. Could someone help me to see what improvements I could apply to optimize that time. Thanks.
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Re: Excessive delay delay in starting Veeam explorer

Post by Mildur »

Hi Ser

It's not possible to give you effective suggestions without knowing anything about your infrastructure.
What is the repo type (block, shared, dedup, ...). How is it connected to the mount server. Is a Gateway Server involved. If yes, where is the Gateway Server located. Every design decision has an impact to the performance of the restore process.

I suggest to open a support case and let our support team analyze the logs from your environment.
This will help to find the root cause of why it's slow. We cannot do that effectively over the forum.
Please share the case number with us for our reference.

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