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Exchange 2003

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Do you have to setup Surebackup in order to backup an exchange 2003 server? I am a bit confused on the requirements/setup needed to be able to do individual email restores. If anyone could provide the basic steps to be able to do this I would appreciate it. I don't need a whole lot of detail, just the basics steps. I can lookup the details myself. I've gone over so many docuements late that I'm now unsure about what to do first. I just need to know where to start.

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Re: Exchange 2003

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Start from page 51 of the User Guide, this provides detailed step by step. This is really all you need, covers from setting up product and creating your first backup, and to performing item level restore (example in the User Guide is for Active Directory). Just follow all instructions closely.

Also, you may want to check out recorded product demo (see Session 2, and Exchange session) for more information on performing item level restores.


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