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Exchange 2007 Cluster Backup

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I've been using Veeam for a little while to backup most of important VM's, however i've still not managed to get it working with our Exchange mailbox server(s) without it killing our CCR (continuous cluster replication).

Has anyone else managed to get veeam working within a clustered environment?

It seems that whilst it initially does the 'freeze' that the cluster heartbeat is lost, this killing the replication. I've also see it do the same when the backup is finishing and the snapshot is being removed.

I'm on ESX & ESXi 4.1, all VM tools are up to date, using the Veeam VSS etc..

Keen to hear of any suggestions anyone may have, or if anyone already has experience with this?
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Re: Exchange 2007 Cluster Backup

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committing a snapshot can cause MSCS to failover because the network connectivity is gone for a very short period of time. With E2010 DAG this can also happen, but there it´s OK since a DAG-failover is a very slick and easy thing. Any plans to migrate to E2010? You could also raise the trigger time the cluster services will wait until failover. Check out this link, was also part of a recent discussion these days here: ... g-over-wan

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