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Exchange 2010 backup setup

Post by dephcon5 »

I have V6 and a 2010 exchange box on ESX 4.1

I can not figure out how to setup the job in veeam to backup exchange and I can not find that in the documentation.

It is possible I missed it, but I did search the forums with not much luck.

Any help is appreciated.

Andreas Neufert
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Re: Exchange 2010 backup setup

Post by Andreas Neufert »


To backup Exchange:
Include Exchange Server(s) in the backup job.
Enable VSS in the backup job and type in your logon credentials (At advaced button you can change the Exchange Log file processing if you want)


When Veeam starts this job:
- Starts an VSS requestor on the fly on the VMs
- Reads out all VSS writer (including Exchange VSS)
- Brings all Applications in a consistent state (over the VSS writer)
- Brings the file system in a consistent state
- Starts a VMware VM snapshot
- Use the change block tracking information to read out only the changed blocks.
- Compresses and deduplicate the data
- stores them in backup files.
- process log files
- deletes our VSS requestor
- deletes the VM snapshot

Restore: (Standard Version)
- File restore (incl. Database Files and Logs)
Restore: (Standard Version)
- Complete VM (fast restore with Instant restore)
Restore: (with Enterprise Version) U-AIR Exchange Wizard
-Starts the AD Server and Exchange Server in a sandbox environment (Virtual-Lab Surebackup Jobs)
-The wizard can transfer single mails (searchable) from the sandbox environment to the productive Exchange Server.

The backup processes as well as the restore processes working on the microsoft best practices recommended way.

CU Andy

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Re: Exchange 2010 backup setup

Post by foggy »

George, you may also find this webinar to be useful. Thanks.

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