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Exchange 2010 backup

Post by mohammedrabia » Apr 19, 2017 11:53 am

Hello ,
Good day,

We would like to backup exchange server mailboxes by using Veeam R&B. Our server size is 1.5 TB and we have 721 GB free space on our main repository. M question is Veeam will be able to backup exchange server with the remaining free space and compassed size or we should increase our repository size ? there is any estimated backup size required for the 1.5 TB ? There is any risk that can be happened to the main serverwhile exchange backup? please help us.

Exchange Version: 2010 SP1

Mike Resseler
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Re: Exchange 2010 backup

Post by Mike Resseler » Apr 20, 2017 5:11 am

Hi Mohammed,

1. I moved your post to the correct forum since this is a question about Veeam B&R and not VBO ;-)

I doubt that the size on your repository will be enough to be honest. If your server size in total is 1.5 TB, then half of it will probably be not enough. You might be able to backup once but after that you have to take into calculation the incrementals.

Have a look at this one: and fill in your data to have some idea on the size (but remember, this is a simulator and not an exact science ;-))

Hope it helps

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